With a personal manager, you can easily and quickly start a business with OLX, increase sales and attract even more customers.

The benefits of working with a personal manager

Expert in the chosen business category Expert in the chosen business category Has extensive experience working with clients from various spheres in Ukraine.
Will help grow your business Will help grow your business Knows and tells you how to effectively develop in your chosen niche.
Will help increase sales Will help increase sales Will share OLX traffic statistics for better ad placement.

A personal manager will help you at all stages of business development

Business start
If you are starting on OLX, our manager:
  • will guide you from the beginning of work with the resource to the first sales;
  • will tell in detail about ad packages, types of advertising and rules of effective work;
  • will help build an effective development strategy;
  • will assess the demand for your products and the competition in your category;
  • will provide visit statistics and user behavior for your category;
  • will help analyze the performance of your ads;
  • will tell you how to quickly increase sales.
Business development
If you already have a business on OLX and you want to develop it, our manager:
  • will make an individual development strategy, as well as help adjust it depending on the situation in your category on OLX and the industry in general;
  • will constantly accompany you on the platform, help consolidate success and improve results;
  • will share advanced statistics tools and expand your understanding of category specifics.
Business scaling
If you are already successfully developing a business and want to scale it, our manager:
  • will create an individual commercial offer that will help you achieve the desired results;
  • will meet with you in person to resolve current issues more quickly;
  • will coach your employees how to work effectively with OLX;
  • will share detailed statistics on a regular basis.
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How the personal manager service works

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